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Year in Review 2016

This year recorded 134 podfics in 60 fandoms for a total of ~75 hrs of podfic. This is just slightly higher than the number of individual recordings from last year. This is about 12 hours higher than I produced last year and does not include the short story or the novel I did professionally so a lot of audio output this year. The shortest podfic I recorded was less than 2 minutes and the longest was just shy of 10 hours (hat trick, third year in a row I haven’t had to change that sentence, which can basically be blamed on the ION Arc). The main fandoms I was in this year were the Raven Cycle and Yuri On Ice. Currently in my lifetime production stats on AO3 the Raven Cycle sits just under Teen Wolf and Yuri On Ice holds third place, which given the show aired in October is pretty ridiculous and a lot of my productivity this year. More detailsCollapse )

Year in Review 2015

This year recorded 104 podfics in 54 fandoms for a total of 61 hrs 16 min, 50 seconds (5 hrs of which is ITPE). This is about double the number of individual recordings from last year. So on the podfic front this year saw increased podfic output, overall my audio output was down by about 15 hrs since I only worked on one (still in progress) professional audiobook this year. However these numbers do not reflect the 10 collaborative podfics I am still editing from the fall, some of which are reasonably long, nor does it include 8 podfics at various stages that I do not expect to be able to finish/post before the new year. The shortest podfic I recorded was less than 2 minutes and the longest was just shy of 10 hours (hilariously this sentence is identical to last year, apparently I’ve got a set range). The main fandoms I was in this year (in descending order of podfic productivity) were Raven Cycle, Hawaii 5-0, Agent Carter, RWBY, and Hikaru no Go. Raven Cycle being the juggernaut of those fannish works (by the end of ITPE posting it will have overtaken Hockey in my lifetime stats, though not Teen Wolf).

This year I had the delight of recording in-person collaborative podfic with knight_tracer, the24thkey, anatsuno, myira, jelazakazone, blackest glass, hananobira, waiting4rain, and girlwithabubblegun. Creating co-podfic through the internet wonder of Skype & g-chat with Analiese010, and then finishing up the year with hilarious podfic recording with a lovely group of people. I also produced not!fic recordings with Opalsong (crafting a story, live!). Apologies to knight_tracer, the24thkey, and anatsuno since I haven’t edited everything yet so stats are not reflective of those numbers (and I don’t know what they are).

“More”Collapse )

I had about 65k of writing output, of which 35k was fic. I wrote in 5 fandoms, and everything I wrote was either femslash or gen. I finished my 4th novel revision, meeting my goal of last year. I got some really great feedback and have some small revisions left before I start querying it. I did some work on my second novel (still ~1/2 done), and enjoyed bringing it to my writers group (which I was living in a different city from all but the summer sadly). I had 2 professionally published articles this year (geoscience related), one of which was a cover feature article which was very exciting! I also put out a lot of words for two separate job positions, both communications/public relations work and both for various types of news reporting. I continued with submissions, submitting a rehabbed short story (rejected) and submitting the short story I was working on last winter (accepted!).

“More”Collapse )

This year I made vids in 4 fandoms for a total of 8 vids. I have managed to post 1 of these to the internet. I still haven’t figured out where/how I want my vids hosted. I hope to submit one of the vids I made this year for Bitchin Party in 2016, though I sadly will not be able to attend.

Dear Yuletide Author

Yuletide is such fun, I hope one of these small fandoms also is near and dear to your heart. I really look forward to reading what you come up with!!

Think of England:

Think of England was wonderfully fun, but I want to know more about the lives of our awesome ladies Patricia Merton and Fenella Carruth.

What do they get up to in the rest of their lives? I can just image that they have lots of interesting adventures. Or if you want to go the more PWP route that would also be great. Or some combination of those two things ^___^

If for some reason you wanted to write me a story where they go to Australia and hang out with Miss Phryne Fisher that would be amazing.


I really dig the sci-fi details/background/trappings of this series. If you want to write more exploring the ramifications of the war/the ships/Abel's weird semi-magical tech skills, that'd all be super cool. And I also ship Cain/Abel, particularly in iterations that make Abel's interest in Cain's domineering tendencies clear (potentially topping-from-bottom scenarios?). Their relationship is super hot, so porn is more than welcome as well. Exploration of the emotional balance of these characters and their mental/emotional connection and significance to each other is also interesting to me. Overall: Some combination of sci-fi world building exploration and porn would be wonderful. Cain/Abel is my OTP so please don't split them up. (I would rather this stay a closed relationship rather than adding other characters to the mix). I would be interested in seeing a Keeler/Enke fic if that's more your interest.

Samurai Flamenco:

Want to write something about our wonderful Justice Husbands post-series, I would be so into reading that. How does Masayoshi continue his superheroing? How does their relationship change. How do Gotou's co-workers react to his new fiancé at work gatherings? Slice of life moving in together/domesticity with a side of superhero justice shenanigans would be lovely.

I also find Mari and Moe's relationship interesting. I kind of disliked Mari as a character for a lot of the series, but I think this relationship has potential for a lot of growth for both characters, again a post-cannon fic would be interesting, to see where these two go with their potentially budding romance.

The Curse Workers

I really enjoy Lila and Cassel's relationship, how in charge she is and the very kinky overtones they get. Something exploring that would be cool. I also really love the magic system of this world, wether you want to elaborate on that in a sort con-job scenario, or in a look at Danika's crusading and the social justice issues around working & workers.

General requests: Please no nonconsensual sex. I'm fine with suicide attempts/ideation but would like not to have character death. I don't like humiliation, whether verbal or situational (this applies to both porn and non-porny stories). I'm not fond of age-regression/kidfic. I *really* dislike communication failure as plot.
I love voice-on-the-radio/falling-for-the-DJ stories. Groundhog day fic is lovely. I love found families. Fake marriage/dating(leading to the real thing) is definitely a favorite! Enthusiastic consent is always great.

Thank you!!!


Dear Festividder

Festivids is super awesome wonderful (in case you were unaware). I love vids like a crazy person, thus the 200GB worth on my external hard drive. I have asked for fandoms of things I love that don't seem to get the amount of vidding they should. Hopefully one of these fandoms is something you're equally excited about! I look forward to seeing what you make!!!

Usagi Drop live action movie:
I think this film is adorable. I love Daikichi and Rin's growing trust and familial relationship. Families of choice are an absolute favorite for me, and how they learn and grow together is awesome. Also Rin is the absolute cutest kid ever. It's just adorable and quirky and fun and anything that captures that emotionally poignant happiness and joy of family in a vid would be lovely.
Musically, something sweet and feel good: emotionally uplifting family happiness. For some reason this movie puts Ingrid Michaelson's "Everybody" into my head, but that's more a "something like this" rather than a specific request (unless that moves you too).

Fly Away Home:
This film is gorgeous and Anna Paquin is awesome. A fanvid focusing on her, her relation to the geese, and her growing up would be lovely. Or her and her changing relationship with her father could be sweet as well. Anything heartwarming, like the film itself. Musically, I imagine something by the Indigo Girls or Vienna Teng or Sarah Harmer some other female solo-esque, folk-like artist, but that doesn't have to be true, if you want to go with a Amy character study, possibly something girl-power-esque?/with an "I can do it!" vibe. Or on the other hand, it'd be really neat to have a pop-y fun vid about just how awesome this movie is.

The Raven Cycle:
I love this series so, so much. I'm a big fan of both Blue/Gansey and Adam/Ronan. I love all the characters in this series. If you wanted to do a Piper Greenmantle vid or something, that'd be super cool too. I really enjoy a lot of the atmospheric tumblr posts, so if you want to do a tree-magician-Adam + forrests vid I'm totally hear for that. I'm also all about drag-racing-Ronan & dreaming Ronan & surreal magical dream creations.

Mushishi Zoku Shou:
I loved the first season of Mushi-Shi tremendously and the second series definitely delivered on the same quality. There are so many beautiful images in this show! Whatever you'd want to do would be cool (lots of birds and oceans and random bits of flora and fauna!). I love the pacing of this show, so something also with that similar vibe would be cool, or perhaps a faster vid taking the more energetic parts? Whatever strikes your fancy, I'm sure to be excited about it.

I ship Cain/Abel OTP, so if this will be a ship vid please keep them together? An ensemble-gen vid could be super cool if this isn't your ship. (Enke/Keeler is also fun, but probably doesn't have enough images yet?).
Maybe something by Little Mix, or some other popy music, or trashy pop music also totally works. Or if you wanted to take this an emotional acoustic route, that could be sure neat to see!

This show is gorgeous, I love the imagery, I love the folkloric sense of storytelling, I love the surreal interesting creatures and weird creepy/gorgeous plotlines.

Last Exile: Fam the Silverwing
Last Exile was awesome so of course I had to watch Silver Wing, I loved the geopolitical struggles and world-building taking Exile and moving it through to wider conclusions and a grander scale. For a vid, I love the girls, Fam is great, Liliana is pretty badass awesome. I ship everyone (i.e. I basically ship any permutation of the girls, or OT4, whatever), I also love how wonderful and strong the characters friendships are if you don't want to do something shippy. I'd love something about the Sky Pirates and flying and races. Musically maybe Owl City? Venus Hum? The Postal Service? Lisa Mitchell?

Jellyfish Princess:
I love Kuranoske a lot. I ship Kuranoske/Tsukimi. Any vid focusing on Kuranoske would be awesome, whether serious or whacky hijinks/funny; I'd be totally down for either. As for music, it depends on the tone you want for a vid (silly vs. serious). Something from Owl City might be very sweet? Or Weather Girl by Fruit? Or something by Lily Allen? I'm failing at suggestions here, you will clearly know better than I!

YAY Festividder, I'm so lucky to have you!! Looking forward to it!


Year in Review 2014

This year I divided my AO3 pseudes to three categories. Now all writing (except Yuletide) is under Pi, podfic is Rhea314, and vids are Rhea. So AO3 looks more organized now, though sadly I can’t filter stats by pseud and get just-vidding or just-podfic data. This year I got almost all my vids on AO3 \o/ streaming now off dropbox because I also lost hosting (again) this year *sigh*.

Podfic in 2014
This year I recorded 53 podfics in 46 fandoms for a total 44 hrs 17 in 59 seconds (11 hrs of which was all in ITPE). This is ~60 hours less than last year, and half as many podfics as well. Productivity way down, seemingly. However I also recorded 7 professional audiobooks in the last year for a total of 35 hours, and narrated and produced a podcast for the National Parks Service, which brings up total time up to 80 hours. That’s only 24 less than last year. The shortest podfic I made this year was less than 2 min, longest just shy of 10 hrs. Majority of podfics are under an hour this year. The main fandoms I was in this year were Curse Workers, Attack on Titan, and Free!. Really only Attack on Titan saw a boost in podfics made though.

This year I had the joy of going to Bitchin Party. I was the narrator for a Brooklyn 9-9 multi-voice podfic there: a distinct lack of tutus by Fahye, and vastly enjoyed being part of/spearheading a podfic of To make us public sport by Petra which was super fun. I love multi-voice projects and that was a great one for so many characters and lots of fun! 

By AO3 stats my top fandoms to podfic of all time are: Teen Wolf, Hockey, & My Chem

Year in Review memeCollapse )

This I feel that I had very little writing output all told, which in retrospect isn’t quite true because I wrote 90k (about the same amount as last year). I didn’t generate a ton of new content but I re-wrote and revised quite a lot. I spent a lot of time this year on a 3rd and 4th draft of my novel. I wrote 40k of a new novel and 18k of a currently-being-edited fic, I also wrote a short story to submit to an anthology and my yuletide fic. I wrote podcasts for work this fall so I professionally scripted/produced content as well. This summer I found an awesome writers group and rehabbed a lot of old short stories into something reasonable through their feedback. I had a goal to submit things and I submitted ~12 different poems to various magazines none of which have been accepted. We’ll try again next year. So I actually did quite a lot of work this year. In the coming year I hope to finish this fourth novel revision and 

Stats and GoalsCollapse )

This year I made vids in 9 fandoms for a total of 11 vids this year. 6 of which will be posted in 2015 with Festivids. I premiered my first fanvid at a con (Wings) and that was super exciting. This year I hit 50 fanvids available online with 2 not yet re-upped and 9 for Festivids so a total of 60 vids I’ve created so far. That’s quite a decent number! In addition to this I made 4 professional promotional videos for the National Parks Service that will be revealed online in the next year. Vidding levels this year: high.

Favorite vid posted this year, obvs. Wings (it’s also top hits & kudos stats wise). Favorite vid actually made this year is probably my Gravitation on an idea I had in high school. 6 years later it’s completed, though not yet posted. 

Anime Recs List: Top 17 + Recruiter Vids

I wrote up a recs list for tumblr but never posted it here. After Sakura Con last year I was thinking about how amazing, unique, and wonderful anime can be. I don’t think as many people know about some of these awesome series as should, so I decided I’d make a rec list. They are in order of re-watch value which I think speaks highly of a show (and how much I personally like it). Hopefully if you’re into anime this list might give you a few new things to be excited about, or to remind you of how much you also love them. If you’re not into anime, I think this is possibly a good range of shows to consider. If one particularly speaks to you, maybe it might be worth giving a shot! I think all of these shows are particularly unique and I love them. Each entry has the show, a brief description of the show and why I love it, and either image showing the shows art or a vid that I believe showcases the show well, the re-watch value of the show, the fannish reason to watch the show, and the number of episodes.

(the list: Mushi-Shi, Baccano, No.6, Usagi Drop, Tsuritama, Last Exile, Eve no Jikan, Gankutsuou, Utena, Star Driver, Mawaru Penguin Drum, Free!, Moyashimon, Jellyfish Princess, Tiger and Bunny, Cowboy Bebop, Puella Magi Madoka Magica)



1-17Collapse )






Dear Yuletide Author

It is so exciting that we've been matched on one of these awesome fandoms. I can't wait to read what you come up with! Here are some suggestions that you could use to guide your writing, if you'd like. If not, that's cool too, these are by no means mandatory requests.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys (Comic)Collapse )

Vivaldi's Ring of MysteryCollapse )

TsuritamaCollapse )

Mawaru PenguindrumCollapse )

General requests: Please no nonconsensual sex. I'm fine with suicide attempts/ideation but would like not to have character death. I don't like humiliation as a focus or aspect in stories, whether verbal or situational. I'm not fond of age-regression/kidfic. I really dislike communication failure as plot.
I love voice-on-the-radio/falling-for-the-DJ stories (though that doesn't really apply to any of these fandoms except for *possibly* Killjoys). I love found families. Fake marriage/dating is always fun! Enthusiastic consent is always great.


Dear Festividder Letter

I'm super excited to have you make me a vid. I LOVE vids, you have no idea. They are amazing, and Festivids is one of my favorite times of year. I'm so looking forward to it already. Whatever you do I'm sure will be awesome! Thank you :D

Usagi DropCollapse )

EXO M&KCollapse )

Fly Away HomeCollapse )

Mawaru PenguindrumCollapse )

Perks of Being a WallflowerCollapse )

Princess JellyfishCollapse )


Wings [Vid]

Title: Wings
Song: Wings by Little Mix
Vidder: Rhea314

Fandoms: Firefly, Kamakazi Girls, Veronica Mars, Gilmore Girls, Miss Congeniality, Charlies Angels, Bend It Like Beckham, The Matrix, Hex, Star trek TOS, Teen Wolf, Torchwood, Merlin, Casino Royale, Avengers, Battle Star Galactica, Skins, Glee, Xena Warrior Princess, 10 Things I Hate about You, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles, Chuck, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Friday Night Lights, Buffy, Legend of the Seeker, Middle Men, Game of Thrones, Slings and Arrows, Alias, The Losers, Whip It, Themla & Louise, Sanctuary, Doctor Who, Dark Angel, Fast and the Furious, Farscape, Primeval, Leverage, Star Trek: Voyager, Hunger Games, Bones, Gravity, Lord of the Rings, Smallville, Underworld, Stargate Atlantis, Wonderfalls, Stargate SG1, Once Upon a Time, D.E.B.S.

Summary: A celebration of female characters with focus on showing their competency not just through violence but through their friendships, determination, self confidence, intelligence, leadership, and skills. Part a remix, part a conversation with the vids that have come before, and part love letter to these awesome ladies and the people who vid them.

Warnings: some fast cuts ~.2 secs per image
Length: 3:51

Link: http://rhea314.parakaproductions.com/Wings%20created%20by%20Rhea314.mp4.zip

Wings created by Rhea314 BP 2014 from Rhea Levenson on Vimeo.

Vidder Talk: This vid came out of the fact that I *love* mutlifandom vids about ladies. There are some amazing vids out there! But one thing I noticed was that often demonstrations of female agency and celebrations of women were celebrations of females showing their skills/agency/badassery through violence. Sometimes that was beating up men, sometimes that was overcoming an attacker, sometimes it was just "I look freaking cool with this gun/martial arts form, watch me conquer". I am all for awesome aggressively competent ladies but I was saddened that in some of my favorite vids I didn't see the thinking or other moments of brilliance. So, I decided I was going to try to make a celebration of women vid with no violence. Obviously I missed that mark, this vid includes 1 rocket launcher, some dragons, and one scene with shooting. That said, I think I did mostly create the vid I wanted to see, and having ~20 seconds of that whole have some violent connotations was, in the end, something I felt okay with.
I do think (or hope!) I managed to include female characters who don't always show up in these kinds of vids. The list of characters I "must have" in this vid was about twice as long as the number of awesome ladies actually appearing, so this is by no means a 'only these characters' there are so many others who could/should have been included. The other challenge that I worked on in this vid, was creating a vid that only used footage from other vids. So the end credits work a bit like a rec list of all sorts of vids with amazing female characters.
I wanted to talk about what images we find iconic and emblematic of our fannish experience, and in doing that talk about how vids show agency (relating back to the lots of violent images), because beyond just violence there are so many vids that show women being awesome in all sorts of different ways, and I wanted to bring all those moments together into one vid, so why not make a shout out to those vids for having those moments? This is another area in which I didn't precisely succeed. There were no vids of Gravity at the time I made this video so I used the movie trailer, similarly Perks of Being a Wallflower. I had a vid with a particular moment from the Hunger Games that I wanted to use, but my computer couldn't convert the file (not divisible by 16). Happily the Hunger Games trailer also had that moment so I used that (though it was inspired by the original vid!).
I hope that this vid gives you as many positive, happy, awesome female character squee feelings as it does for me! I think this was a well spent ~3 months \o/

Appreciation: Thanks to Beckaandzac for introducing me to Little Mix and therefore being directly responsible for the existence of this vid. Thanks also to Myira and Paul for beta.

Year in Review 2013

Podfic in 2013
This year I recorded 116 podfics in 38 fandoms for a total of 104 hours 6 minutes and 6 seconds, which is conversely ~4 days 13 hours of podfic. This is ~20 more hours than last year, though basically the same number of podfics. I had 25 podfics that were over an hour in length this last year, which contributed to the higher hour count. The shortest podfic I recorded was 29 seconds, the longest over 7 hrs.

Most popular?
By Kudos: I Wish That I Could See You Soon by Talktowater & a light-handed approach to regulation by hazel are tied for first.
By hits I Wish That I Could See You Soon by Talktowater in first, followed by a light-handed approach to regulation by hazel which is notable because it's not in Teen Wolf and is actually close in hits. Overall, Teen Wolf has drastically more hits/kudos than any other fandom I've posted in.

Most underappreciated? I have no idea how to even think about this. Podfic doesn't get a lot of feedback and I produce a boatload. And being on twitter's podfic community, I feel I've gotten more feedback/support in the last year, even when it's not directly about a specific podfic. So yeah, I think there are some podfics I've done that got very few listens and no feedback or response, but I put out so much that I guess while that's sad, maybe it doesn't matter. At the end of the day I'm doing it for me, and I've really enjoyed almost all of what I've done this year (even if I haven't re-listened to most of it) and I've had wonderful connections and conversations with fellow podficcers that make me feel like no matter what I'm producing/recording it's worth it.

Personal favorite, for whatever reason? The following are my top five podfics that I've produced this year, based on what I've listened to and enjoyed:
1) all my bases are belong to you by jeyhawk which was just posted with ITPE reveals. I am really pleased with how my Jesse voice turned out in this one. And as I'm currently most in TSN RPF as my current fandom, having a podfic I've done in that fandom that I can listen to and not feel nit-picky about, is awesome.
2) all you have to do is open your eyes by torakowalski similar to the above, this is a podfic that I was able to listen to and feel immediately good about. Of all the Losers fic I recorded, this podfic is the one I feel I had the best handle on Cougar's voice for.
3) If Heaven's Hypothetical by impertinence & shoemaster (3rd in kudos!) was my podbang this year. I didn't re-listen to it until late this fall. I'd forgotten enough (and listened to enough other hockey podfic and Jeff/Eric in the interim) that I could listen to this fic and not feel like I was listening to myself read but instead just enjoying a podfic. It's longer, it was fun to record, and it turned out nicely.
4) Down and Dirty by Dear_Monday the podfic where I impersonated Shiningartifact and I really like the result.
5) How I Surived My Summer Vacation, by Tamika Flynn, Age 12 3/4 by thingswithwings rounding it out, some Night Vale which I had fun recording and feel pretty good about.

Most difficult to make? I had the most trouble with Knowledge of Dead Secrets by rei_c this year because it's really long, and it had a lot of creole and vodoun words that I had to look up, and sometimes could not find pronounciation for. Additionally a lot of characters had "southern" accents and I don't do accents, so I felt bad upon completion that it wouldn't be as wonderful an aural experience as it might have been with someone more confident about tackling a southern drawl.

Most "ah ha ha I can't believe I'm doing this"? This is one not posted. Someone sent me a request for a podfic and then I recorded it. It was just odd because I had no permission and I didn't know the fic and I was just "um, okay!" and then it was really fun. So that was kind of a "sure you asked, I can do that!" but I felt that "ah-ha-ha-what?" through much of the recording process because I'd never done something like that before.

Most fun to make? This is such a hard question because I essentially always record for fun. Sometimes a podfic winds up not being fun for whatever reason, but mostly it's a great time. The first day of my winter break I recorded Road Trip by SunHawk and then maybe 12 hrs later You Could Dress This Wound by myownremedy and I was just on fire for both of those. Any time I'm recording Duo Maxwell as written by SunHawk, I'm having fun, and You Could Dress This Wound I recorded in 4 hrs and it's a 3 hr podfic so I essentially just read that sucker and was done and it was really neat. I felt like I really dropped into the story and so that experience as a performer was enchanting. So I guess those were the ones I was "wow" about.

Was there one that didn't turn out the way you wanted? The things that didn't turn out the way I wanted this year are kind of superficial. Mostly, I can create this amazing sound mixing in my head, that's much harder to come up with in real life. Fog Sheets & Thunder by theopteryx would be the posted example. I had to go through a ton of audio to find the right pen-on-paper-writing and thunder/wind storm sounds and even then they don't quite have the quality I heard in my head when I started the project. Unposted, my collab podfic w/Falone & Myira of Miss Lydia Ladybug Stilinski is in editing purgatory because I can't get the sounds (car accelerating, cat meowing, etc) to match audio quality and it's just fighting me every inch of the way.

Biggest learning experience? I learned that I have a long turn around time for editing and if I think I can get something done in a month, that's a lie. This year I attempted to run a podfic fest/anthology for a first time, that's a lot of work, surprisingly (somehow I thought it would be really simple, and in some ways it was) so I'd say the Short_Shifting Hockey Micropodfic Fest was my biggest learning experience this year. The outcome was awesome and I'm super happy I did it, and I now know more about what's entailed in running something and am impressed with those who do (though I was impressed before, now I just get more why).

What's next? Do you have any podfic goals for next year? Did you complete your goals from last year
I did pretty good on my goals from last year. I'd intended to do more on the Ion Arc, and indeed I completed two more parts. And I'm now over halfway done. That continues to be exciting.
I decided to try recording standing up this year and I did so for recording Knowledge of Dead Secrets. If you'll notice above, that was a particularly hard recording and I slipped back into more comfortable sitting perhaps from laziness and perhaps because I thought I did better that way. Sound quality wise there isn't much of a difference. If I do another marathon recording session I probably should be standing because of the pain I wind up with in my knees, back and hips from the way I contort to sit and record. I did learn this year not to record while laying down with my laptop on my chest/stomach. Unsurprisingly that makes it harder to breath and therefore harder to record and I wind up sounding more muffled.
I still haven't transfered old podfics onto AO3. That's a resolution I'm not sure that will ever happen actually. But it's a pipe dream commitment I'll roll over into the next year.
And lastly, I'd intended to do morre collaborations. I definitely hit that mark this year. I said yes to quite a lot, and did quite a lot. Theatripod didn't take for our group, but I was part of it while it lasted. I had 2 in-person recording collaborations one with a new recording buddy illutu who is awesome and hopefully we will be doing more. Knight_Tracer and I did Work of Wings by thefourthvine, a long term extensive collaborative project which was awesome. I participated in pod_together for the first time with the amazing Akamine_chan and that was awesome. I also recorded a fic she wrote for me for A Peck On The Lips fest and it was great! I ran Short Shifting podfic fest, my first such venture. And finally, I participated in my first podfic exchange with ITPE for which I recorded 6 podfics. I also have 2 potential collaborative projects in the works with Knight_tracer which brings me endless joy, and another potentially with podcath. I am gleeful for what the new year will bring.

Goals For Next year:
1) Continue collaborations, challenges, and group ventures
2) More Ion Arc!
3) Do it professionally? I've been considering looking at working on an actual Audiobook. I definitely want to try my hand at it, if I can get my foot in the door.
4) record Shot Right Through With A Bolt of Blue, record Ion Arc, record the awesome fic I'm writing with Knight_tracer.

This year I wrote fic in 2 fandoms amounting to 3 fics for a total of 30k of words. I am not even comparing this to last year since all I did this year is Yuletide. This year I finished my novel which clocked in at 110k of words for which I wrote ~50k in the last year. I have 1 revision on it so far. I have started working on a second novel, mostly in prep-stages but with ~10k written so far. Highest kudos/hits for a fic: That One Time Tazer Got a Black Eye written for Knight_tracer, also podficced by her. Having someone podfic something I wrote is the most exciting thing ever. It is awesome.

I vidded in 53 fandoms this year, a total of 2 vids. Neither of them are posted to the web yet. One is a festivid, the other I'm still considering where to host and what to say about it (though I showed it at my birthday party). I have 3 vid ideas in the works for the next year, 1 of which I am pretty certain will actually happen.

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