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Dear Yuletide Author

It is so exciting that we've been matched on one of these awesome fandoms. I can't wait to read what you come up with! Here are some suggestions that you could use to guide your writing, if you'd like. If not, that's cool too, these are by no means mandatory requests.

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys
Do you want to write me a story from Girl's cat's perspective? What were Blue and Red's lives like before the start of the comics? What is Girl's life like after the end of the comics? What about Dr. Death Defying, what is it like to be a pirate radio DJ in the bright, dangerous world of 'Killjoys'? I'm pretty open about this series, I love the characters, I love the color, I love the questions about individuality, responsibility, compassion, and relationships. If you take any of these characters and explore the world a little more, I'd be totally excited about that.

Vivaldi's Ring of Mystery
I'd love a story chronicling Katarina's life between 'Mystery' and Hallelujah Handel. Inquiring minds want to know what it was like to live with the Duke, her grandfather. Did she ever meet Giovanni again. What other adventures does she have? I'd love to think Katarina became a composer in her own right. What is her music like? If you want it to be an outside POV, some sort of historical review of Katarina's life upon the discovery of her amazing works of music after her death, that could be cool. Or a closer story from Katarina's perspective, or just following her adventures and years growing up/teenagerhood after leaving The Pieta, that'd be lovely! Mostly this is a story I've loved through my own childhood and always wanted to hear the missing bits. Also Giovanni is awesome so if you could include him particularly in some way that'd be great. I don't specifically Ship Katarina/Giovanni but I wouldn't be opposed to that being part of the story!

I ship Yuki/Natsuki a *lot* if that's not your pairing, gen is totally fine. Either I'd be down with anything Yuki/Natsuki (porn is totally welcome here). We end the show with Natsuki off in America, what happens when they meet again. Do they go to the same college? Do they meet at a fishing competition? Some kind of reunion fic with romance would be great. Or, if you're not into that ship, something about Yuki post-show might be cool too. Does he go into astrophysics to study exo-planets because he knows alien life is real and he's going to prove it...or does he try and help the government cover up alien shenanigans (begrudgingly suddenly the head of his own alien-protection squad, as appointed by Haru), or something else. I'm also down with something less out there. Friendly hanging out with Haru and Akira, fishing, domesticity, those are all good too. Also if it's a gen fic, points for Kate being awesome and part of the story. She's the best Grandma!

Mawaru Penguindrum
I haven't seen anyone write Himari and Momoka as a relationship focus. I don't necessarily need romance (though I'd be open to a romantic relationship here), but I think with all complexity and parallels of the show it might be really interesting to see Himari and Momoka interact within the liminal spaces Mawaru Penguindrum creates. Does Himari notice things she's somehow missing in her life, when she goes to find them, to find out more about herself, does she find echoes of Momoka, a girl she never knew creeping through the gaps? Or even just a side-by-side story where the characters don't interact but their sacrifices (knowing or not) and their status as "magical girls" is explored, that'd be really cool.

Also, Shoma is my bb and I love his character a lot, I didn't see it offered, but if for some reason you want to write me a Shoma-centric story that'd be cool. (What does Shoma think of Momoka, what does Shoma learn. What's Shoma's not-life like after the show, where does he end up, what does he do? Also, will accept Kanba/Shoma if that's your thing, or Shoma/Ringo from Shoma's perspective, that'd be cool to, or his perspective on his relationship with Ringo after the end of the series [if you believe he remembers]).

General requests: Please no nonconsensual sex. I'm fine with suicide attempts/ideation but would like not to have character death. I don't like humiliation as a focus or aspect in stories, whether verbal or situational. I'm not fond of age-regression/kidfic. I really dislike communication failure as plot.
I love voice-on-the-radio/falling-for-the-DJ stories (though that doesn't really apply to any of these fandoms except for *possibly* Killjoys). I love found families. Fake marriage/dating is always fun! Enthusiastic consent is always great.


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