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Dear Yuletide Author

Yuletide is such fun, I hope one of these small fandoms also is near and dear to your heart. I really look forward to reading what you come up with!!

Think of England:

Think of England was wonderfully fun, but I want to know more about the lives of our awesome ladies Patricia Merton and Fenella Carruth.

What do they get up to in the rest of their lives? I can just image that they have lots of interesting adventures. Or if you want to go the more PWP route that would also be great. Or some combination of those two things ^___^

If for some reason you wanted to write me a story where they go to Australia and hang out with Miss Phryne Fisher that would be amazing.


I really dig the sci-fi details/background/trappings of this series. If you want to write more exploring the ramifications of the war/the ships/Abel's weird semi-magical tech skills, that'd all be super cool. And I also ship Cain/Abel, particularly in iterations that make Abel's interest in Cain's domineering tendencies clear (potentially topping-from-bottom scenarios?). Their relationship is super hot, so porn is more than welcome as well. Exploration of the emotional balance of these characters and their mental/emotional connection and significance to each other is also interesting to me. Overall: Some combination of sci-fi world building exploration and porn would be wonderful. Cain/Abel is my OTP so please don't split them up. (I would rather this stay a closed relationship rather than adding other characters to the mix). I would be interested in seeing a Keeler/Enke fic if that's more your interest.

Samurai Flamenco:

Want to write something about our wonderful Justice Husbands post-series, I would be so into reading that. How does Masayoshi continue his superheroing? How does their relationship change. How do Gotou's co-workers react to his new fiancé at work gatherings? Slice of life moving in together/domesticity with a side of superhero justice shenanigans would be lovely.

I also find Mari and Moe's relationship interesting. I kind of disliked Mari as a character for a lot of the series, but I think this relationship has potential for a lot of growth for both characters, again a post-cannon fic would be interesting, to see where these two go with their potentially budding romance.

The Curse Workers

I really enjoy Lila and Cassel's relationship, how in charge she is and the very kinky overtones they get. Something exploring that would be cool. I also really love the magic system of this world, wether you want to elaborate on that in a sort con-job scenario, or in a look at Danika's crusading and the social justice issues around working & workers.

General requests: Please no nonconsensual sex. I'm fine with suicide attempts/ideation but would like not to have character death. I don't like humiliation, whether verbal or situational (this applies to both porn and non-porny stories). I'm not fond of age-regression/kidfic. I *really* dislike communication failure as plot.
I love voice-on-the-radio/falling-for-the-DJ stories. Groundhog day fic is lovely. I love found families. Fake marriage/dating(leading to the real thing) is definitely a favorite! Enthusiastic consent is always great.

Thank you!!!



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