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Year in Review 2015

This year recorded 104 podfics in 54 fandoms for a total of 61 hrs 16 min, 50 seconds (5 hrs of which is ITPE). This is about double the number of individual recordings from last year. So on the podfic front this year saw increased podfic output, overall my audio output was down by about 15 hrs since I only worked on one (still in progress) professional audiobook this year. However these numbers do not reflect the 10 collaborative podfics I am still editing from the fall, some of which are reasonably long, nor does it include 8 podfics at various stages that I do not expect to be able to finish/post before the new year. The shortest podfic I recorded was less than 2 minutes and the longest was just shy of 10 hours (hilariously this sentence is identical to last year, apparently I’ve got a set range). The main fandoms I was in this year (in descending order of podfic productivity) were Raven Cycle, Hawaii 5-0, Agent Carter, RWBY, and Hikaru no Go. Raven Cycle being the juggernaut of those fannish works (by the end of ITPE posting it will have overtaken Hockey in my lifetime stats, though not Teen Wolf).

This year I had the delight of recording in-person collaborative podfic with knight_tracer, the24thkey, anatsuno, myira, jelazakazone, blackest glass, hananobira, waiting4rain, and girlwithabubblegun. Creating co-podfic through the internet wonder of Skype & g-chat with Analiese010, and then finishing up the year with hilarious podfic recording with a lovely group of people. I also produced not!fic recordings with Opalsong (crafting a story, live!). Apologies to knight_tracer, the24thkey, and anatsuno since I haven’t edited everything yet so stats are not reflective of those numbers (and I don’t know what they are).

Most popular in 2015?
Most hits goes to Quackery, 2nd most hits goes to Ion Arc, I added another part there this year, we’re still at ~1 a year, so gotta keep it up next year, we’re getting close! Most kudos cumulatively goes to the Ion Arc, but for ‘amassed in just this year’ it goes to 101.3 the Swell, or Jedusaur’s collab project.

Personal favorite for whatever reason?
Girl Band Orig Fic with knight_tracer. It was really rewarding and satisfying to record the fic we’d been working on writing together over the last year. Hopefully I’ll have it edited sometime soon, but for recording this year it is one of my favorites. I’m really excited/hopeful to see how it turns out.
Out of podfics that are currently available I really enjoyed recording Linger Til Dawn, which is for a pairing I didn’t anticipate appreciating quite so much, and which I just really clicked with. For collaborative All I Hear is Your Song

Most fun to make?
Lady Grey and Apple Pie. On a hike with knight_tracer we started talking about pod_together and what we would do. Agent Carter seemed like an obvious choice for our accents. We brainstormed what it would contain on the walk, then when we got back, I wrote the fic. A couple days later we recorded it together. It was super fun to think of writing for our voices and then to get to hear the results all in such a short period of time. Though there were a lot of typo mistakes, since I hadn’t edited the writing yet, it was still really great. I also greatly enjoyed getting to record with all the other awesome people I saw this year, Baccano and Naruto feelings *flails* excellence with the24thkey, Teen Wolf Sterek glee with Anatsuno, and all the laughter of ‘For these we watch tonight’ (Agent Carter/MCU) with D.C. fangirls.

Biggest learning experience?
Setting up *another* new podfic space, and dealing with new housemates/city noise etc.

What’s next (goals)?
- Ion Arc! (at least 1 more part, we’ve only got 2 left guys!)
- Get all my podfics up on AO3
- Edit podfic from Europe! (by amplificathon at the latest, I can do it!)

Goals I completed form last year:
- Continue with collaborative projects as much as possible (*so* did it!)
- Another part of Ion Arc (indeed accomplished)
- Finish my 5 audiobook contracts (I’m down to 1)
- Get all my podfics up on AO3 ahahahahah (I started copy pasting the html post info off live journal, so I’m prepping at least).

I had about 65k of writing output, of which 35k was fic. I wrote in 5 fandoms, and everything I wrote was either femslash or gen. I finished my 4th novel revision, meeting my goal of last year. I got some really great feedback and have some small revisions left before I start querying it. I did some work on my second novel (still ~1/2 done), and enjoyed bringing it to my writers group (which I was living in a different city from all but the summer sadly). I had 2 professionally published articles this year (geoscience related), one of which was a cover feature article which was very exciting! I also put out a lot of words for two separate job positions, both communications/public relations work and both for various types of news reporting. I continued with submissions, submitting a rehabbed short story (rejected) and submitting the short story I was working on last winter (accepted!).

Favorite fic I wrote this year: the bugs and alphabet which I wrote for Yuletide.
Favorite fic posted this year (because I hadn’t gotten it online by the end of last year): Aquaphile

Goals 2016:
- finish 5th novel revision
- query 1st novel
- finish 2nd novel
- edit/submit novella
- finish writing other 3 stories in Free! femslash verse

Goals accomplished:
- Submitted work to magazines (professionally at least, not creatively)
- look into publishing my first novel : I’ve started drafting the query letter
- apply for a fellowship (I wound up going to Europe instead of doing a writers fellowship, this may be next year)
- Participate in yuletide, yes indeed I did

This year I made vids in 4 fandoms for a total of 8 vids. I have managed to post 1 of these to the internet. I still haven’t figured out where/how I want my vids hosted. I hope to submit one of the vids I made this year for Bitchin Party in 2016, though I sadly will not be able to attend.


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Jan. 4th, 2016 10:58 pm (UTC)
We both have locked twitters so I thought I'd drive by here to say thank you for my ITPE treat. I finally got chance to download it and listen to it (staying with my partner's family for new year, so I didn't get much time to myself!). This was a great choice of fic - LOVE West Wing - and I really enjoyed the way you read it. Thank you so much! <3
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