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Year in Review 2016

This year recorded 134 podfics in 60 fandoms for a total of ~75 hrs of podfic. This is just slightly higher than the number of individual recordings from last year. This is about 12 hours higher than I produced last year and does not include the short story or the novel I did professionally so a lot of audio output this year. The shortest podfic I recorded was less than 2 minutes and the longest was just shy of 10 hours (hat trick, third year in a row I haven’t had to change that sentence, which can basically be blamed on the ION Arc). The main fandoms I was in this year were the Raven Cycle and Yuri On Ice. Currently in my lifetime production stats on AO3 the Raven Cycle sits just under Teen Wolf and Yuri On Ice holds third place, which given the show aired in October is pretty ridiculous and a lot of my productivity this year.

For a year where I was on a stipend and not making a living wage, I’m amazed by the generosity of fandom and how many awesome events I was able to attend through the support and thoughtfulness of others (and leveraging work trips and airplane ticket sales). In 2016 I greatly enjoyed in person collaborating, starting with Bitchin Party and collaborations with RevolutionaryJo, Exmanhater, Regonym, and Leanansidhe. I am extremely grateful to Templemarker, without whom I wouldn’t have been able to fly across the country to join in. Templemarker is amazing and I had an awesome time at BP. I also got to spend a delightful day hanging out with Reena_Jenkins who is awesome and super fun to collab with. Analise010 and I didn’t get to coordinating collab podfic but it was super awesome to get to know her and be friends in person this year! Having moved back across the country in the fall I got to collab with Marianas (such fun!) and hope to do more with folks in my area in the next year. I also had the phenomenal experience of attending Podfication. It was amazing to meet so many of the talented and wonderful podficcers I love. And that leading into a delightful visit from the the24thkey was A++. I also attended VVC for the first time this year, which given if I had a choice, spending a day showing fanvids to people is basically my go-to that was awesome. This year I joined in several not in person multi voice collab projects and organized one of my own in YOI. I also produced not!fic recordings with Opalsong and lattice_frames (Gundam Wing fandom forever) this year.


Most popular in 2016?

Most kudos continues to go to the ION Arc (still truckin’, one more year!), and excluding that for things recorded this year my collab with Reena (You Gotta Be Careful With Those Older Men by suzukiblu [Podfic]) comes in second, and the Yuri On Ice multivoice project comes in 3rd (#KissOrHug by Aurum [Podfic]).

Personal favorite for whatever reason? for the first half of the year keep those eyes wide by Fahye [podfic], for the second half of the year solo and pair by calciseptine [podfic] (WIP)

Most fun to make? Recording in person with others, hands down every time, way the most fun.

What’s next (goals)?

- Ion Arc! (last part)

- Get all my podfics up on AO3 (when the audiofic archive is back and I have links?)

- Continue collaborative projects

- Get all my podfics up on AO3 (an eternal goal, but I’ve got only ~300 left).



I had about 70k of fic writing output 30k of which is not yet posted. I wrote in 8 fandoms. I completely failed in working sufficiently on my novel and it gained only ~10k words in the last year which is pretty ridiculous. *sigh*

Favorite fic I wrote this year: In keeping with trend, not posted yet. In reflection, I’m pretty pleased with most of what I wrote this year though, which is nice.

Of what I’ve posted, my favorite is probably my emotional fic feelings about Neil/Andrew from All For The Game: Ask Me to Stay.

Most popular fic

Most kudos’d for fic of this year goes to this Raven Cycle/All For The Game crossover I wrote: Something Borrowed

Goals for 2017:

- Query 1st novel

- finish 2nd novel

Goals accomplished:

- finish 5th novel revision

- finish writing other 3 stories in Free! Femslash verse (given the 26 k sort-of-sibling to this fic for YOI fandom that I spent the last 3 days of 2016 writing, and the SuperCat piece, I guess this has been a good year for kinky porn)



This year I made vids in 9 fandoms for a total of 14 vids (2 of which are for cons/exchanges that go live in 2017). Also posted in 2016 were the 9 additional vids I never managed to get online in 2015. Apparently 2016 was a vidding fever year. This can mostly be laid at the feet of all my Raven Cycle feels (~1/3rd of my vid output). I really got into vidding book fandoms this year only three vids this year were not for book fandoms. I’m also really pleased with my vid output of this year.

But it’s a end of year wrap up, gotta pick just one and hands down that is my Captive Prince vid Carry Your Throne which I premiered at VVC. This was my first year at VVC and it was awesome. I’m really grateful to RevolutionaryJo for letting me join their room and helping make that possible.


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