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Podfic & Fic Recs for 2013

Before we roll over to the new year, I'd like to reflect on the new fandoms I've enjoyed in 2013 and leave you all with a few recs to represent my year of fannish appreciation. I am essentailly recing podfics because that's my #1 mode of consuming fandom. If I rec a fic that essentially means 'This is so good I had to podfic it'.

My fannish trajectory in the last year: Teen Wolf -> Hockey -> Generation Kill -> Bandom -> Night Vale -> Losers -> Haven -> TSN RPF -> TSN -> Curse Workers

For all podfic recs assume "well read", I had to take it out of like 7 different podfic recs, I'm repeating myself. I pick these because they're well-read, it goes with the territory.
* denotes everything that's on my "recs for your mother" list, podfics I feel stand alone without knowledge of their fandoms, are reasonably long, and listen like one of the audiobooks my very picky-about-good-literature mother reads (I've yet to convince her to give podfic a shot, but if I ever do, this will be the list)
# denotes podfics I've listened to with my roommate and which have her seal of approval
~ denotes I've podficced this.
1), 2), 3), my top three this year

what I did on my summer vacation read by duckgirlie - the boys work the same retail job. Laugh out loud funny, adorable.
tour de force read by marianas - Kaner writes a novel. Hits my "secret skill" button like none other, long.
# keep you on my arm read by bessyboo- the one where they go to gay clubs. Fake boyfriends button mashing, also gay clubs, and hilarity. Another one I laugh out loud for.
des plus brilliants exploits read by knight_tracer - genderswap!Sidney Crosby and the olympics, sweet and lovely. Also long.
# not a heart of gold read by anna_unfolding - OMG so hot. Hits hooker-kink buttons nicely. The first thing I listened to in Hockey, if I remember correctly. So really, this is why I'm here.
russian knitting circle read by knight_tracer - wonderfully long, great character voices. My love for Knight Tracer's Geno is endless. Ovechkin is wonderfully funny.
~ Say it with flowers by hazel Kaner can talk to plants.

Generation Kill
* 16 days in september read by a lot of awesome people - gripping in a pick you up and shake you, make you think about it for days. AU (non-military) you don't need to know the characters, or anything about context. Just listen to/read it.
1) # * falling apart to half time read by miss_begonia - One of my all time favorite podfics. Hits my love of dancing (and by extension, well done dance AUs) like none other. Descriptions of dance that give me so many feelings I cry, good use of character voices.
* don't you shake alone read by chemm80 - a in-depth look at parenting post-war. This is a podfic I listened to and immediately wanted to recommend to my mother. This may be baby!fic but don't let that put you off, this is a really fantastic story about PTSD and building a family.

# matter of logistics read by shiningartifact extremely hot, aural porn, with rimming.
* forever, now read by klb found families and parenting. Wonderfully heart-string tugging and a nice long listen.
# so, so fucked read by paraka fake boyfriends! This is adorable and funny and awesome.
anatomy of a fall read by klb long, slow build ghost story.
I have been all things unholy by bexless stigmata, dark and complicated and beautiful. This is a great fic. It's also a great podfic, though I've only listened to the version that's no longer available.

Welcome To Night Vale
does it feel like a trial? read by chestnut_filly
Some Madness in Love read by Eccentric_hat
~a love song for schrodinger read by hananobira
~How I Survived My Summer Vacation, by Tamika Flynn Age 12 3/4 by thingswithwings

The Losers
* We Aspire to Be Reasonably Sane People read by seussian - prequel to we know how it works. Jensen's backstory.
2) * We Know How It Works (the world is no longer mysterious) read by seussian - to be in The Losers fandom this is the only source you really need. This podfic is the entire reason I got into The Losers. It's *amazing* and *so* worth a listen. Also I think Seussian does such a magnificent job with Cougars accent.
~all you have to do is open your eyes by torakowalski
~Dry Socks & Hospitals by NewYorkReload
everything by NewYorkReload

The Social Network RPF
# The giraffe notes read by lunchee - the most adorable, sweet thing, and with a lovely does of angst before it's happy ending. Anonymous notes of support, falling in love through letters and then squee.
~all my bases are belong to you by jeyhawk Jesse and Andrew have a habit of making out when drunk.
~Nowhere Else On Earth That I Would Rather Be by torakowalski Jesse knits Andrew socks, Andrew buys him cat toys, cuteness ensues

The Social Network
pieces form the whole read by knight_tracer daemon AU
clockwork heart verse read by quintettsy cyberpunk AU
no wealth no ruin read by lunchee Dead Like Me AU
3) Tranquilize by lunchee intense, beautifully worked and gripping Veronica Mars fusion.
~You Could Dress This Wound by myownremedy Mark can see pain as light, Glowing au
~There I Fixed It by lightgetsin Mark fails at life, sometimes intentionally so Wardo will still be his keeper.

Works in fandoms I'm not in:
even the light is an illusion read by Lianabob Avengers Movies/Comics, long and intricately plotted with scheming and faking ones death. I know very little about Avengers comics but the characterizations in this piece (both the writing and the podfic performance) are awesome.
work by the plutonian light read by knight tracer Taylor Swift the space pirate. Awesome.


Dear Festividder,

You are awesome, I'm super happy you're making me a vid \o/ Anything you do for any of the following will be excellent I am sure and I eagerly await the result.

Usagi Drop/Bunny dropCollapse )

Fly Away HomeCollapse )

Now You See MeCollapse )

The LosersCollapse )

Perks of being a wallflowerCollapse )

Slings and ArrowsCollapse )


Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

It is so exciting that we've been matched on one of these awesome fandoms. I can't wait to read what you come up with. I'm pretty easy about fic content; as long as there's consent somewhere (or at the very least implied) for any related sexual activity, and no major character death is involved in the story. The following are some more specific ideas you could work off of, but please don't feel bound to any of it!

The Losers (2010)Collapse )

No. 6Collapse )

Little Mix (Band RPF)Collapse )

LovelessCollapse )

Rent-a-cat/RentanekoCollapse )


Podfic, Written by Anonymous

Title: A Case of Attention
Author: Anonymous
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Un-Go
Character: Rie/Shinjuuro
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Rie researches ways to appear more 'attractive' than fem!Ingo because she needs to win over Shinjuurou...
Text: here
Length 0:04:46
Link: here

5+10 x1 =15

Title: Yuki/Haru Fluff
Author: Anonymous
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Tsuritama
Character: Yuki/Haru
Rating: PG
Warnings: none
Summary: Yuki/Haru fluff with Haru being the perfect housewife
Text: here
Length 0:03:24
Link: here

10+10 x1 = 20

Title: Natsuki/Yuki
Author: Anonymous
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Tsuritama
Character: Natsuki/Yuki
Rating: G
Summary: request: Nastuki/Yuki anything really! response: "I hope you get more fills, but here’s some snuggling to tide you over?"
Text: here
Length 0:02:34
Link: here

10+10 x 1 =20

Title: Fish Out of Water
Author: Anonymous
Reader: Rhea314
Fandom: Tsuritama
Character: Natsuki/Yuki
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: none
Summary: Haru knows that there's something going on betweet Natsuki and Yuki, but they don't seem to realize that. So he uses his water gun.
Text: here
Length 0:05:44
Link: here
10+10 x 1 = 20

15+20+20+20 = 75 total

Year in Review 2012

This year has been primarily noteworthy for the finding of Teen Wolf and my sudden burst of productivity and happiness. However, going back over what I actually did this year, I did a lot that wasn't Teen Wolf. For a lot of that work though, I think I didn't feel I was creating in part of a community. I'd had a while of hanging out where the only people who cared about the same fandoms I did were IRL friends and they mostly weren't going to listen to my podfics, even if I could get them to sit down to see my fanvids. Besides Teen Wolf I enjoyed No.6 this year continuing from last year, and had fun cosplaying it with my roommate on several occasions. I also enjoyed discovere Natsume Yuujinchou and had a brief summer fling with the awesome anime from this summer's Noitama block, Tsuritama. I also started posting podfic to AO3 as I entered Teen Wolf fandom and the addition of kudos to my feedback has made an amazing impact on my positivity and general good-feeling surrounding my podfic.

My Five Year Podfic Anniversary

This is exciting, this is my 5th year as a podficcer. It's been a wild, fun time so far spaning all sorts of fandoms and experiences. I'm looking forward to the next 5 years!

Over the last 5 years since I started podficcing I have recorded a total 12 days 11 hrs 34 min 10 sec. I have recorded approximately 500 podfics in over 100 fandoms, podfics which currently take up 33 pages on the Audiofic archive (Thank you archivists!! :D) and my reader tag is the 6th most used tag on DWs Amplificathon (after archived, amplificathon 2011, spn rpf, sga, and bandom). ...I am both a bit boggled by, and totally proud of my productivity.

Ranked by most hours, my top podded fandoms are:
1) Gundam Wing 42 hours
2) Vorkosigan Saga 25 hours
3) Teen Wolf 25 hours
4) Full Metal Alchemist 16 hours
5) Stargate Atlantis 14 hours

Top 3 fandoms by number of recordings:
1) Teen Wolf 39+ recordings
3) Hetalia 34 recordings
2) XMFC 27 recordings

PodficCollapse )

FanfictionCollapse )

FanvidsCollapse )

Teen Wolf Podfic's Where It's At

With the increasing number of podfics out there, it can sometimes be hard to navigate to find the ones that best suit you. Recs are great way to find podfics well-loved by others or share the gems you already know and love. To find out more information on podfic and podfic recs, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.

Many of you know my life has been eaten by Teen Wolf. Today for Podaware it's Recommendations Day! The obvious answer is to tell you all about the Teen Wolf podfic I've been listening to. Upfront I will say the way I generally handle recs lists (with friends in person) is just sending a giant chunk of urls no explanation included. I podfic things because I love to, and it's the best way I can comment to/recommend a story. As such, I don't have great faith in my recommendation writing skills, but I can tell you all the podfics listed here are spectacular. Let it be noted I am a Sterek shipper, basically expect everything that follows to fit in line with that.

Open the Door read by firejuggler is the first podfic I listened to once I entered Teen Wolf fandom. It is a brilliant starter. It's an AU off season 1, 2hrs and 44mins so it also has a lovely length to it. Firejuggler masterfully handles the characters, both with humor and with a deft ability to read a characters mental anguish/self esteem issues without sounding overly dramatic or trite. It's brilliant, moving and I wholeheartedly recommend it!

last night's dress (tiptoe out of this mess) read by Dodificus is wonderfully hot, and with Dodificus' expectedly awesome reading, great timing, intonation, and also 1hr 50 minutes so another fic that will get one through a full round of dishes laundry or cooking dinner. And I love stories with the Sheriff interacting with Stiles and Derek and Dodificus definitely makes this one of my favorites.

By and By read by Dodificus is a pyromaniac AU. I would never have read this story except for the fact it was a podfic. I was hesitant given the premise, it just didn't seem my thing. Well, if you like podfic, this is probably something you should listen to. If you like pyromaniac AUs this is also for you. Dodificus does an amazing job with a complex story bringing out characters emotions and the tension of keeping secrets (particularly underage sex with the Sherrif's son kind of secrets) through her reading of this story. I am unashamed to say that this was ridiculously, occasionally knee-wobblingly hot. It may not be everybody's thing, but I highly recommend it.

The Creepy Cave read by Shiningartifact is a story I enjoyed reading but *loved* as a podfic. Shiningartifact has a way of reading that's enticing, caressing, like getting wrapped up in a warm blanket but also like someone murmuring sweet nothings in your ear. It's really quite nice, and calming. It adds an extra layer of intimacy to an already tightly focused story. Shiningartifact brings out both the characters enthusiastic dubious-consent (aphrodisiac squid tentacles) and the implications of the broader situation easily without loosing that calming overall feel. As a reader, Shiningartifact definitely has a great grasp of character. This is another podfic I found to be particularly hot.

Gyzym's Teen Wolf not!fics read by Kalakirya are some of the most hilarious, heart warming things I've listened to. Not!fics are fun because they allow a reader to fangirl along with them. Kalakirya embodies the frenetic happiness of coming up with fic ideas, also the ideas are wonderful, and stories in and of themselves. With laughter, humor, and great joy it's easy to fall madly in love with how amazing this fandom is Kalakirya has distilled those experiences into the 2-6 minute moments of awesomeness that are these recordings. And the domesticity memes are also, beyond amusing and grin worthy, totally cute and warm-fuzzy-feelings making. Definitely want I want to listen to as a pick-me-up after a bad day.

In which nat brings out the sappy sterek in me read by Anatsuno is another not!fic that is just gleeful and gorgeous. It's in two voices, and Anatsuno creates this lovely fannish conversation both through lovely use of effects but also through the wonderful enthusiasm she brings with her voice. Another one of those podfics that just made me love fandom because we are so amazing!! I dare anyone who listens to this recording to not be grinning ear to ear by the end. It makes me so happy.

Teen Wolf Prompt read by Knight_tracer I may be a bit in love with Knight_tracer's Derek voice, but it's this prompt that I feel encapsulates the pure awesome Knight_tracer brings to recordings. I had to listen to it three times, in a row. It was just that good. It's 2min 25sec long and each second is perfect. Also I love that it's a prompt, a podfic of a prompt, and it's perfect. Another recording that sounds like talking with my favorite fangirl (or rather listening). Best thing ever, having a fangirl in your pocket (and your ears) whenever you want.

But while we're on the note of Knight_tracer
(Sacred) In the Ordinary read by Knight_tracer which is 6 hrs long and totally worth it. It's made my last few days of work/bus transits awesome. And have I mentioned Knight_tracer's Derek voice? Actually all of Knight_tracer's character voices are awesome, there's amazing attention to detail, acting and the little things (like yawning, or teeth clicking, or the most perfectly timed sigh) that show how podfic elevate a story to a totally new (and utterly awesome & exceptional) artform. You may not have 6 hours of time to spare now, but download this podfic, when you do take that road trip, or start on your commute to work/whatever you will be so pleased.

I know that's not everyone who's making Teen Wolf podfic an awesome place to listen right now, so <3s out to the rest of you, I'm totally listening and it's possible that with the 68 podfics on my ipod I just haven't listened to yours yet. Know I'm looking forward to it! :D

How We Podfic

There are so many ways to create podfic and so many ways to listen. We might engage with podfic curled up in bed, in our closet, while commuting or at the gym, in our bathroom with makeshift soundproofing. To find out more information on podfic and how we podfic, check out Pod Aware on DW, LJ or Tumblr.

Podaware is on and it looks like it'll be a lovely week of interesting commentary! :) So far it's been fun to read the various posts I've seen people writing about their own process. Partly through that, and through listening to other podficcers talk at a recent convention, I've become aware recently of how many styles of podficcing there are. I hadn't really thought about this before, but I figure I'll explain my own practice, since it's both similar, and different from what others have said.

Meta-Essay-ThingCollapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2012

For anyone who for some random reason cares, I will be at Sherlock Con in Seattle tomorrow. It looks like it'll be fun. Weirdly I'm nervous about it, because I haven't been to a smaller/one-fandom-only con before and I am a bit worried someone will somehow see me and go "you're in Teen Wolf now!" and I dunno...laugh at me, or something. Mostly I'm going because I have a few RL friends who were also interested and I enjoy Sherlock greatly. Also fellow fen are awesome so it seems like it could be a cool way to meet awesome people. I will likely show up at the podfic discussion-panel-thing because that's basically what I do, and sit and listen to awesome people talk. So yeah.

Oct. 25th, 2012

I haven't written something related to myself in a while. I graduated (obviously) and life was a bit tumultuous for a while with trying to figure out what to do. Reflecting on the last year it has been one of transition. Mom says the hardest thing for me when I was a kid was allowing a party to end, I wanted sleep overs forever and for my friends not to have to go home. College sort of filled that goal in my life. I founded a Sci-Fi Fantasy Interest House and lived with my friends and soon-to-be friends and built a community strong enough we convinced the president of our college we were an institution not a new-born organization. I created these amazing strong relationships and community, and then graduated. So, transition. But in doing so I brought friends back with me to the West Coast, which is lovely.

Over the summer I basically got to run a bed and breakfast for college friends moving to my city. Then due to a flooding problem in the studio we had to remodel it, we've left it unfinished since we bought the house, but for the first time it was livable, just in time for my once-and-future roommate to move in with me. It's really lovely because I'm still getting to continue spending that time with friends. I have a temp job as a research assistant, and an awesome space to live that's somewhat separate from my parents, but still right nearby.

I'm meeting new people and making new friends, bonding disparate friends groups together in my new space (friends from before college, from college, and new friends). I don't know what I'll do for work, I have no particular direction in my life. I don't have a romance, and haven't ever had a serious one, nor do I see any immediate future for that. But I have great friends and I have great communities. I have no idea how any of this is going to develop. But today I went to the Spa with my mother and sat around reading and relaxing and talking with her, and my roommate gave me the cutest most wonderful tea-cup ever (little red riding-hood themed omg) to go with all of my tea (also Teen Wolf pertinent). And this weekend we're all getting dressed up and going dancing in costume because Halloween is the best time of year. And I've written 150 pages of a novel in the last year (while going to school) and I actually *like* it. I'm still writing fic some and recording all the things and I've found a beautiful new fandom that's uplifting and positive and a great home for me right now (Teen Wolf, you rock, particularly podficcing awesomeness). And I just read about the DCMA related ruling in favor of vids which is an awesome birthday present. I'm gearing up for Festivids and Yuletide and all the fun of fandom exchanges. I may not know what I'm doing in the long run, what my life's work is, or what to really think about the fact I'm now the age my parents got married at, but right now is pretty awesome and that's really good.

Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

I'm super excited to see whatever your write, that we've been matched on one of these fandoms is awesome and makes me really happy. I hope you have a lot of fun with whatever you do and I know I'll enjoy it. I'm pretty easy about fic content; as long as there's consent somewhere (or at the very least implied) for any related sexual activity, and no major character death is involved in the story.

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