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An Experiment in Challenging the Power of Worse

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If you are here for podfic, I have started a comm (314_podfic) where I'm attempting to crosspost all of my work. This journal, while occasionally fannish in nature, does not contain podfic. So if you want to friend me and get podfic only posts: http://community.livejournal.com/314_podfic/

BLANKET PERMISSION to create transformative works inspired/basedon/of my fanworks, be it repods, remixes, sequels, podfic of fic, fic of art, art for podfics, art for fics, vids of podfics. If you can think of it, it's probably awesome. However, one caveat, I would appreciate if you would hold off on doing any repodding of the Ion Arc until I'm finished. Otherwise everything else is up for grabs. Just please link me so I can see the results.

NOTE ON FRIENDING: If you friend me I probably wont friend you back unless I know you/have reason to run into you in my daily life. The friendslocked parts of this journal are mostly about my daily life, friends and family. My fannish activities tend to be public posts. So if you're not friending me for fannish reasons, or you want me to friend you back you should probably drop me a note as to why (e.g. we go to the same school, you know one of my friends in person, we've met and I'm just not connecting your livejournal to you etc). Thanks.

I am a college student currently residing between the Midwest and Northwest of the US depending on the time of year. I have recently discovered podfic and combining a love of fanfic, and anything audible. However none of my podfic is published in this journal. This is a Friends Only journal except for my few public posts in which you will find:
* occasional fics,
* meta-type-stuff,
* movie reviews,
* Thesis on Slash Fandom.

If I friend you back you'll get to hear me ramble about college, television, fandom, and possibly other uninteresting things like my family, books, working in an office, libraries, my own original writing, and dance/music.

My Fandoms

Tiger & Bunny
No. 6
Dr. Who (eleven)
Gundam Wing

White Collar
Vorkosigan Saga
Yami no Matsuei
Star Driver
Tokyo Babylon
Natsume Yuujinchou
Mawaru Penguin Drum
Wolf's Rain
Harry Potter
Last Herald Mage (Heralds of Valdemar in general)
Hikaru No Go
Count Cain
Good Omens
Due South
Witch Hunter Robin
Eve no Jikan
Black Butler

Old fandoms:
SPN -Wincest
SGA -McShep
Boondock Saints
Wilby Wonderful

If you think you know me:
1) quaker
2) long hair
3) NWS
4) Scandinavian Fishing Village annexed 1907
5) My schools colors have always been Maroon and White, except for the year the maroon was more purple.
6) Cosplayer (yes often Duo)
7) I have been called both a "proselytizer" and "disease vector" in reference to my fangirling. Meaning I enjoy reviewing, reccomending and hooking my friends on my latest craziness.
8) contra dance
9) Head of my high schools GSA went to any/all Student Diversity Leadership Conferences and People of Color Conference
10) and you can always look at my friendslist and figure out if I know who you know ~.^

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